OROL campaign partners

OROL campaign partners

(1) Burma:
Name of Organisation: The Karen Environmental and Social Action Network (KESAN)
KESAN is the first local non-profit organisation to raise the issues of control of and access to resources, holistic local knowledge-based natural resource management and environmental awareness amongst the Karen people. It works for the Karen to express their concerns to policy and decision makers at different levels.
Name of contact person: Mr. Phapi Rakdamrongphorn
Postal address: 455/43 Moo 6, Tambon San Sai Noi, Amphur San Sai, Chiang Mai 50210
P.O. Box 204 Pra Singha Post Office, Muang Chiang Mai 50205
Tel: (+66) 817 247 093 or (+66) 5338 0478
Fax.: (+66) 5338 0478

(2) Cambodia:
Name of Organisation: Santi Sena
Santi Sena is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political organization. It is a Buddhism monks’ organization founded by Venerable Nhem Kim Teng and other founders in 1994, at Prey Chlak pagoda, Svay Rieng province and registered with the Ministry of Interior on 13 October 2002 with registration number 846.
Name of contact person: Venerable Nhem Kim Teng and Sam An
Postal address: Prey Chlak Pagoda, Svay Rieng Province, Cambodia
Tel: (+855) 166 403 53, (+855) 88 7777 005

(3) Indonesia:
Name of Organisation: The Indonesian Institute for Forest and Environment (RMI)
The Indonesian Institute for Forest and Environment or RMI – is an independent and non-profit organization that works on environmental issues; to empower people - women and men - in order to strengthen their bargaining position on land and other natural resources as well as their equitable, democratic and sustainable natural resources management system, to enhance the consciousness and concern as well as to change the thinking and behavior patterns of decision makers and members of communities in respecting people’s - women and men - rights on land and other natural resources.
Name of contact person: Nana Ratnasari
Postal address: Jl. Sempur No. 55 Bogor-Jawa Barat-Indonesia (16154)
Tel: (+62) 811 112 247

(4) Philippines:
Name of Organisation: Gitib, Inc.
The word GITIB is derived from the Visayan word “Nigitib” or “nitubo” which means Sprout in English; and thereby not an acronym-based word. But the GITIB as organization means “Resource Center for Sustainable Development”.
GITIB, Inc. was officially registered as a non-stock, non-profit and non-governmental organization on October 2001 to support the many exceptional efforts of indigenous peoples and marginalized communities, to bring improvement in their lives, families, children, environment and communities. The organization’s sectoral and regional action areas are focus on Environmental issues and concerns; Ecological Children’s Rights, Child Protection and Child Participation; and Sustainable Development.
Name of contact person: Roldan R. Gonzales
Email address: gitib2001@yahoo.com
Postal address: Door 1 Araceli Apartment, Catadman Manabay, Ozamiz City
Tel: 088-521-2168

(5) Thailand:
Name of Organisation: Association for Community and Ecology Development (ACED)
The Association for Community and Ecology Development (ACED) was established in 1987. It was registered as the association in 1994, with its registered number of Chor-Lor 16, administered by a large number of proficient committees and consultants. And three years later ACED had registered with the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Environment (presently is the Ministry of Natural Resource and Development) as a non-profit organization working on education, environmental protection and natural resource conservation with the registered number of 15/2540. Its objectives are to promote local communities and underprivileged peasants, particularly women, children, youth and farmers’ strengths by encouraging them not to use poisonous chemicals to renovate and preserve natural resources, biodiversity and agricultural culture.     The second objective is to advocate and empower people to get involved in human rights protection and development, especially the rights of children, women and indigenous people in local communities.
Name of contact person: Thewin Akkharasilachai
Email address: okthewin@gmail.com
Postal address: 9 Moo 13 Tambon Doilan, Muang, Chiang Rai Province 57000
Tel: (+66) 818 844 062 or (+66) 5316 3316
Fax.: (+66) 5395 8053

(6) Lao PDR.
Name of Organisation: Our Village Association for Community Development (OVC)
The Our Village Association for Community Development (OVC) is a semi - autonomous component of the INGO Village Focus International (VFI) in Lao PDR.  Since 2009, the core Lao team began the process of forming an organization independent from VFI, which will be a Lao community-based local organization and aims to continue and build on the work begun by VFI.  OVC now has its own advisory board and is in the process of developing by-laws and other founding documents with the intention of completing the registration process with the Lao government to legalize OVC as an independent, Non-Profit Association. OVC aspires to be a local driven organization to enable ethnic people to be self-reliant in a participatory way. OV aims to build the capacity of ethnic people, women and men, to develop better living conditions through a self-reliant and sustainable approach.
Name of contact person: KhounKham Douangphachone and Boualaphet CHOUNTHAVONG
Email address: ovclao.info@gmail.com
Postal address: P.O. Box 4697 Vientiane, Lao PRD.
Narkokpho village, Saravane district, Saravne province (Southern Lao PDR)
Tel: +856(20) 5652 8382
Office: +856(34) 211 038

(7) Vietnam:
Name of Organisation: The Forestry Association, Ho Chi Minh City
The Forestry Association is a NGO which had been in 1987 and belongs to Ho Chi Minh City. It has 3 areas of work; (1) research, training and advisory in Forestry, Environment (2) transferring technology related to forestry and environment to concerning people and (3) public service on information sharing and educating people widely.
Name of contact person: Tran Viet My
Postal address: 126H Phan dang Luu st., Phu Nhuan dist., Ho chi Minh City, Viet Nam.
Tel: (+84) 882 209 58, (+84) 903 938 444

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