Tuesday, March 22, 2011

International Day of Action for Rivers, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in February 22, 2011

February is not rainy season in Ho chi Minh City, and the Southern provinces in general. Besides, two ( 2 ) main rivers( Dong Nai, Sai Gon ) flow through the city have been polluted seriously. Therefore, some activities have been done by this day such as public media ( newspapers, television, radio and so on) had a lot of reports about the situation of environmental pollution, in which have Dong Nai and Sai Gon rivers, of Ho chi Minh city to remind everybody do not forget alarming pollution need to be solved by the whole citizen.

Lots of campaigns such as getting waste out of Dong Nai, Sai Gon river, and the other rivers, springs, canals  belongs to the city with the participation of hundreds of people, include children. 

For children, 100 pupils of TAN PHU, Ho chi Minh city to visit Sai Gon river to raise the knowledge related to the pollution of river.  Pupils wrote and sent 2 reports related to Dong Nai, Sai Gon rivers to website of Ho chi Minh Agricultural Extension Center, and Voice of Ho chi Minh’s People.The title is It’s pleasure to visit Dong Nai river, and A trip to Sai Gon river. Organized painting contest in Dong nai, Sai Gon river for 1800 pupils to heighten the  recognizance of rivers protection for them

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