Friday, March 4, 2011

OROL event in Lao PDR. (Marknao Village, Saravan district, Saravan province)

On February 22, 2011 in Laos 

The South East Asia Water day event, 22 February 2011 was hold on local level particularly at Marknao Village, Saravan district, Saravan province, Southern part of Laos.

Arrange an event to promote the South East Asia River day on local level, this event was launched on February 22, 2011 at Marknao village, 50 m far from Xedone River bank and to address the rights of children to be participating in the ecological, environmental preservation and promote the protection and conservation of Xedone River which including 3 activities: drawing picture competition about Healthy Rivers and Current Rivers between 2 primary school and then explain their own picture to all participants

§  There are 130 students were participated at South East Asia Water day to present their rights in the ecological, environmental preservation and promote the protection and conservation of Xedone River.

There are 6 representative teachers, 2 principals of school, a head of District Education Bureau, a head of District Environment and Water Resource department, a head of Marknao village with his assistant, 2 Gov counterparts and 1 representative from district Information and Culture office (local media) were participated.

§  The press statement of event was released by local media; he sent all of record from event and including an event media statement to provincial Information and culture department. On Feb 23rd, 2011, the event stories were broadcasted on both, radio and TV in provincial level.
§  And the newspapers publish after an auditor completed compile and send it to Ministry Information and culture. It's appeared on Lao people newspaper with others news from all of country.
§  The committee responsible of event were participated to buried three placards with students in front of school where nearby Xedone River bank (50 meters) 

§  Over 80% of participants were understood and explained the objective of event and 8 teachers, a head of village can bring this issue to announce to their student and add into their teaching.
§  Good initiative model event for local area (first event) and this event will held on Feb 22 in every year
§  The high light of event was recorded on newspaper at country level
§  Three placards were stood in front of 2 primary school (Marknao and Phonethan primary school, Saravan district and province)
§   Good cooperation between local NGOs and government to address this event in the present and the future

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